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Senthil Kumar. M

e-mail : 

Bio products laboratory, JRF. 

Central Leather Research Institute Adayar, Chennai.

                  I was very lucky enough to be selected as one among the first batch of ATMBT candidates. It was a turning point in my life. If I was not there in THE GENE TECH lab of  BMERF, Periyar University, I would not have been selected for my current position. The institute is the niche suitable for the industrious and diligent people who would like to have challenging task in their life related to biotechnology. 

                Without the utility of any teaching kits, the practical sessions were conducted in their originality. Indeed this type of practical sessions inculcated research pursuit in my life. The teaching staff encouragement was the greatest fillip for me to edify myself with determination. The highly sophisticated infrastructure helped me to keep pace with the latest development in the field of mol-bio and biotechnology. 

                The Director Dr. R.Saravanan gave me the opportunity to participate in the first annual conference of IAAM, Chennai which was my first conference wherein I presented my research paper to the fullest satisfaction of the Chair persons. My experience as one among the working group members of Leptospira vaccinal study team was something ineffable and strongly got imprinted on my mind as the most happiest moments in my life. 

M. Senthil Kumar


P. Vasanthi

e-mail : 

RA, Cancer Division,
Gene therapy laboratory,
Clone-E Therapeutics Inc,
Kaohsiung City,
Taiwan, R.O.C


                 I sincerely thank Dr.R.Saravanan, the Director, and Mrs. E.Rani the Ast. Directress  because of whom I could come to this height in my life. Today I am comfortably placed in a position which commensurate with my qualification. They were very helpful in extending my repertoire and which really helped me to scale new heights in my life. I am very close to carving out a niche for myself, the credit for which indubitably goes to them. The new techniques in THE GENE TECH laboratories of the foundation, which we were exposed to and the kind of training imparted, were absolutely exquisite. 

                The ambience in the gene tech is ideal for high aiming aspirants. Once again I thank them for their perspicacious guidance and warmth they showed during my training.. 

P. Vasanthi.

Manikandan. S

e-mail : 

Scientist and Team leader, 

R & D division,

Hatson Agro Products Ltd.,

 (Dairy Division),

Valapady, Salem. 

                       The techniques I learnt from  BMERF, PERIYAR UNIVERSITY, were very much helpful in making me to come to this position. The institute is well equipped with the latest infrastructure. The skills were giving me confidence in making myself to befit for any R&D laboratory related to biotechnology. 

                     Among the peer group members I was found to be superior and therefore I was promoted as the Team leader. I feel myself worth to be born on this world because I am now recognized by my superiors and respected by my juniors. I am sure that with my institute's help I would scale to higher and higher positions in the R & D division of our industry. I sincerely thank the Director R. Saravanan and the Ast. Directress  Mrs. Rani for moulding me to take up any challenging position in future too.


Faizul Gaffar.Shaik 

S/O S. Zahiruddin Sha Khadri, 

Molecular Immunologist,

King Fahad Hospital and Research Foundation,


e-mail : 


Darga Street,

Ph : 08563-274256 

Kamalapuram (PO), 

Cuddapah (DT),



                           I was fortunate to be a part of the BMERF family. We have learnt the techniques with at most discipline and affection. Words are not worth enough to describe the bond, the love shared by us with BMERF, Periyar University. Dr.R.Saravanan the director of the institute was like the head of the family helping the students in learning techniques solving our scientific problems and was always encouraging and cheering up towards our wisdom and happiness. 

                         The staff were  erudite and  affectionate.  Among  them our Assistant  Directress Mrs. Rani.E, is noteworthy to be mentioned. She was always cheering us and giving her helping hands in learning the skills with at most perfection. Her sessions (molecular biology) were very interesting and informative. The lab was fully equipped with modern and sophisticated instruments. 

                         The course of Genome Technology was very useful in learning various biotechnological techniques in the fields such as Molecular biology, rDNA technology, Immunology, Plant tissue culture and Animal tissue culture etc. The course was assuring us a top hand technically in this present competitive world, indeed all my peer group members had experienced this by getting a good placement at ease. I take this golden opportunity to thank my Director. 

S.Faizul Gaffar

S.B.S.N.Ram Mohan.



e-mail : 

Via Dwarakathirumala, 


Ph : 08823-258564 

West godavari Dt.,

 A.P. India. 

                                 It is my immense pleasure to forward my write up, about " THE GENE TECH" run by the BMERF, Periyar University, India. The Genome Technology Diploma course offered by BMERF had given me the broad scope to secure jobs in the fields such as molecular biology and biotechnology including plant tissue culture and animal tissue culture technologies. I feel this training would be a right choice after completion of post graduate studies in any branch of life sciences. 

                                 This course made me to elevate myself in the biotechnology domain. Under the guidance of eminent scientists, including Dr.R.Saravanan, WHO recognized scientist, National award winner for his best research in the field of microbiology, we were molded as the best with many skills. To mention some of the following :-SDS-PAGE, FIGE-REA, Western blotting, Immunoblotting, ELISA, HA, HI, etc. We were also gifted with wonderful guidance of our principal Mrs. Rani, which made us as the best team players. Their kind hospitality made us to be adapted freely in the disciplined wet lab environment. 

                             This course which I undergone enticed many special responses from various national and international research centers of biotechnological companies, from where I received placements because of those techniques which were taught in this course. Almost all of us got exquisite placements both from India and abroad, thanks to the Director for edifying this excellent institute. 



3/83 P.Gollahalli,

e-mail : 


Dharmapuri ,

Pin-636 808 . 

                            I was very happy to be a student of THE GENE TECH, BMERF, Periyar University from the year 2001 to 2002. I had learnt many techniques with full satisfaction under the guidance of professionally qualified and skilled teaching staff. Dr.R.Saravanan, Chairman of the foundation and Director of THE GENE TECH was always encouraging me to do higher studies. 

                           We the first batch were very fortunate to come out as a 100% successful batch in getting R&D placement. PTC techniques were very much useful for me to get the current job among the other techniques such as chromatographic, electrophoretic, electroblotting, standardization of agglutination and precipitation assays of immunotechnology, molecularbiological techniques and animal tissue culture techniques. 

                          However, I am having confidence of utilizing many of the above techniques in my current job to attain the pinnacle. The faculties of THE GENE TECH were very talented and skillful in my perception. They trained me to do all my skills up to perfection. Among them I would like to make special mention to Mrs. E.Rani, our Ast. Directress who taught me many of those molecularbiological techniques. She was constantly egging me to find my own niche, which has made me to join as a researcher in Hosur plant biotechnology industry. 

M.Arul Murugan.

M. Geethapriya

 191.Bigbazaar street

e-mail : 



                                 I am very glad to say that I would remain as one of the students in "THE GENE TECH " until my death. I was so fortunate to be one among the students of the first batch of the Advanced training in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology offered by BMERF, PERIYAR UNIVERSITY, SALEM, INDIA. After joining in this research institute, I learnt many of the techniques especially in the field of molecular biology, immunotechnology and tissue culture technology (PTC and ATC). 

                              The management at right time provided all the facilities. The institute was fully equipped with all the instruments and I handled them safely. I am proud to say that even though I came from biochemistry discipline I was molded to do-good number of practical related to microbiology. Getting the opportunity to join in this Research institute should be remembered as the golden opportunity in my career. 

                             This happened in my life because of the Director Dr.R.Saravanan whose esteemed guidance has given me the confidence to come out with lot of colors in my future Ph.D. program. Principal and the faculty of BMERF, Mrs. E. Rani put forth all her might to train the students in all the aspects to mold them as the best citizen of this country. Because of the discipline I imbibed, I could work as one among the efficient staff of our concern. 

M. Geethapriya

Dr. Kumeresan 

4/65 Kaarugudi (PO),

e-mail : 

Musiri Taluk, India - 621 210. 

                               I am Dr.R.Kumerasan. My qualifications are M.Sc., (Biochemistry). HDSE., BMBS., RMP (AM)., and currently doing M.D (Bio). The institute was situated in a main and peaceful environment of Salem, India. It is endowed with highly sophisticated equipments and fully qualified staff members. The institute is successfully giving its output through its advanced courses including bioinformatics. The institute teaches not only the techniques but also the discipline. 

                               The director Dr.R.Saravanan always motivates the students to reach higher echelons. He solved all the biological problems raised both in the Wet lab and Computer lab in a soft manner. The Principal Mrs. E. Rani and other faculties were always helping the students by climbing down to their frequency. I completed my training in Biotechnology from the BMERF, Periyar University, SALEM, INDIA. Before I joined the course it was my dreams to do molecular biological techniques which has become as a reality in my life. 

                               For training me with my fullest satisfaction I remain deeply indebted for all the members of the institute and the management. In a simple way electrophoresis, chromatography, ELISA, Western blotting, Southern blotting , Northern blotting, all molecular biological techniques, Plant tissue culture and animal tissue culture were taught with out using any teaching kit. The institute has given me the courage to survive as a fittest person to live any corner of this world. I would definitely culminate in my profession with all those techniques I inculcated with discipline into the core of my heart. 


Lavanya devi.P

 Lecturer & Researcher

e-mail : 

Salem cancer institute, India - 636 004. 

                           Its my great pleasure to join as a student of THE GENE TECH LAB of BMERF. The research Institute of Biotechnology to do my Advanced training in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology offered during my diploma program of Genome Technology. The Lab is a fully equipped one with the advanced techniques like electrophoresis, blotting molecular biology techniques, plant tissue culture and animal tissue culture. 

                           There is no other private institution offering these kinds of recent techniques which is a outstanding feature of THE GENE TECH. We are given a valuable chance to become masters in each and every techniques taught here. These techniques has a very good applications in industries, diagnosis etc.. THE BMERF, PERIYAR UNIVERSITY, Director is an eminent scientist in the field of microbiology and the way of his teaching and demonstration imports a special interest to us to learn more things from him. He provides all the adequate facilities to the students and treats all his own children by providing them with good shelter. 

                            Apart from studies, that too Dr.R.Saravanan is the right person to give the meaning for the word "Discipline". Then about the faculty members especially Mrs. E. Rani shows more interest on students career who is like a guide to all the students. She showed the right path to the students for their colorful future. I feel that it is my great honor to be a student of The College and Foundation and it is certain that whoever steps into this institute will have a bright future. 

P. Lavanyadevi

Shafi Chiirakkalpalayi(H)

e-mail : 

Chungam ferioke 

Kozhikode Dt.,Kerala - 673 631.

                      I was very happy to be a student of BMERF, PERIYAR UNIVERSITY.. We had learnt the techniques with perfection under the guidance of skilled gurus. The bondage which we shared with the institute is ineffable. Dr.R.Saravanan The Director was my true mentor who guided me to learn many biotechnological and immunotechnological techniques perfectly. Apart from solving our professional problems, he was also solving many of our problems with love and affection . 

                    He was always encouraging the students and cheering them up towards their victory and best placement. The staff of THE GENE TECH were very efficient and encouraging us to perfect our skills. Our Ast. Directress  Mrs.E.Rani was very active and encouraging and helping us to learn the techniques towards perfection. The ATMBT course was very useful in learning the techniques in the field of molecular biology and immunotechnology, rDNA technology, PTC and ATC.

                     This course helped me to be placed at Kuwait. I take this opportunity to thank the director Dr.R.Saravanan for making us worth and skilled person to serve human being in a better way. 

Mohammed Shafi

R.Rama Rukmani,

 D/O S.Ramachandran,

e-mail : 

4 Ahgraharam, 

Omalur, Salem. 

                  I R. Rama Rukmani, having completed my B.Sc. Biochemistry, was fortunate to join as a student in , BMERF, Research Institute of Biotechnology, Periyar University. The Director Dr.R.Saravanan is one of the WHO associate who worked and achieved in the Leptospira Research in India. He isolated one of the serogroups ie., Leptospira javanica for the first time in India. In our institute many techniques had been taught which were useful for life saving purpose. Blotting techniques and molecular Biology techniques were useful for the cloning works. 

               The Plant tissue culture and Animal Tissue culture techniques taught have a wide area in getting employment in various R & D divisions and in industries. Mrs.E.Rani our Ast. Directress  was very helpful and she was always encouraging us to do modifications in our practical. The Director and other faculties forming a team in maintaining Leptospira for the diseases diagnosis.  

               A few diagnostic kits were also standardized by this team. I feel, those who are learning these techniques would definitely have a bright career in their future. 

R.Rama Rukmani




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